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Owner/Head Mechanic

Our fearless leader. Sharine Milne, otherwise known as Spanner is the Owner and Head mechanic of R.H.D. Classic Supplies & Services.


Starting at the bottom and working her way up, Spanner has grown not only herself but the business is the short time she has been a small business owner. As a young Indigenous single parent, she stood strong and faced every struggle thrown at her. Taking out Australian Apprentice of the year in 2004 state and national, while also continuing to strive for excellence which is seen as R.H.D. are finalists, within the Queensland Training Awards. Spanner is someone who wears many a hat and has been recognised as a fierce competitor.



Part Interpreter

McDuff has been a part of the team now since 2012, however he has been in the industry for over 2 decades.


McDuff did several HD Part Smart Courses in his early years to give him the broad range of knowledge we know he has today. McDuff is a very valuable part of the team here at R.H.D. as he can always find or remember something unusual about an older bike, Harley Davidson being his speciality.



Marketing Adviser

2ft is Spanner’s daughter. She has grown up around bikes and been a part of the motorcycling community since a young age.


Working within the business she was a parts interpreter for over 2yrs, Since moving on from R.H.D. she has stayed on as the marketing adviser, helping run the every growing computer side to the business.

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